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'FOCUS' INTERVIEW: Trizah's fitness journey

I have known Trizah for quite some time now. She has been a source of encouragement at a personal level as I have loved all the values she stands for. Trizah is firm and sweet at the same time. Her determination through her fitness journey is something that won't go unnoticed. I have been wondering how she has been able to follow through, religiously for years. To kick us off on our FOCUS series, she shares how it has been ever since she started.

I have known you for close to 5 years now. If I were to describe you I would have my own adjectives..very many at that considering how much of a pillar you have been in my life ever since our paths crossed. Today I would like you to tell us about Trizah. Who is Trizah?
Trizah is a Christian, a mother of two boys aged 6(turning 7 in June) and 3(turning 4 in April),a wife, a sister and a friend. Am extremely loyal to my friends and am too kind often... I hurt when people take that for granted but hey it’s life!! I live one day at a time, I st…
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FOCUS - Stay on Course

It's been over one year since I posted on this blog. Not that it did not mean anything to me. I had a lot going on and am slowly get back on my feet.

We are now well into the year 2018. What with all the hype for resolutions and plans we always set out to do at the beginning of every year. Do we ever know when these plans fall off the radar? In most instances it's until something goes wrong or when the year is almost coming to an end that we get jolted back to reality. Sometimes it is too late to do anything. I, for instance, had set out to read a book or two every month (it's doable) but in this 3rd month I have only struggled through a few pages of my first book. I realise that there's much that I haven't even started doing. You will realise that we also create excuses for "not having time".
What is it that I am doing wrong?

I just realise that I have always allowed distractions to take over.

What would happen if I just chose to focus on one item at ago…

Evolving Technology - Vice or good to teens

The December school holiday is here. Almost all parents had this similar question on their mind as soon as the holiday dates were released. Two months is not a short time to have young energetic teens with raging hormones at home. The economy has evolved greatly and for this fact very few parents are home to stay with the teens and help guide, if not monitor what they do during the day. Due to continued (understandably )absence of parents, performance-based education systems and uncontrolled media exposure, most youth are ignorant of the consequences of their behaviors. They lack parental guidance, instruction and proper mentorship as they grow up. This makes them seek answers from fellow inexperienced youth when faced with any social or emotional challenges.

There's a lot of negative social exposure that has been greatly boosted by the rapid advancement in technology and an increased use of the internet. I didn't know how to make a simple phone call from a very basic cell pho…

Beauty with a heart of Gold

Eunice Anyango represented Kenya in the 55th Miss International competition and won the 2nd Runner Up and Miss International Africa titles. She is a fashion model and an entrepreneur.

The very first thing you will notice about Eunice is her love for life and the people around her. Eunice had very humble beginnings. In her own words, she grew up in a place where girls were less privileged. Going to school for a girl was a dream that to many remained as that. Girls and women didn't have any independence. They didn't have an opinion. However, she was blessed enough to get the privilege of an education and the exposure of the very many opportunities in the world beyond the confines of her home village. Eunice has worked hard to get over a lot of hurdles and is now one of the top models in the country. She features as the brand muse for one of the leading fashion brands such as Adele Dejak.

Although times have changed and girls (and even more boys) can now go to school, Eunice noti…

Kusoma Tu Trust - What you need to know

I first learnt of Kusoma Tu Trust while working at Haba Haba. We had just launched this amazing learning and revision application - Revision844 and were looking to work with various schools to test the app. The fact that the Kusoma Tu had piloted in a primary school that I had attended got me really excited and I wanted to know even more about it.

Have you ever pictured yourself being in a situation where it's just a few months to your final exams yet you do not even know how to write your own name? Not being able to read simple 3 lettered words? How then would you be able to read questions, understand them and provide answers in the so called National (final) exam? What value will you have gotten out of primary school with?

Well, as unbelievable as it may sound, there are kids who go through school just as routine. Classes in most government schools are too full (thanks to free primary education and the new rules that no child should stay at home). The teacher pupil ratio in classe…

A sister needs help - Help bury Wacuka's dad

I met Phyllis Wacuka Munene for the very first time in 2007, during an interview for bright female students who would later on be sponsored for Engineering courses by the Government of Kenya through the National Industrial Training Council.

Phyllis and I were part of the 7 lucky beneficiaries sent to The Eldoret Polytechnic, where I studied Civil Engineering and she, Mechanical Engineering, plant division. Being in a completely new town and for the very first time in our lives saw to it that we stayed closely knit together as friends and more of a family.

Our graduation day in 2010

Today Wacuka is one very sad lady. She lost her dad who was the sole bread winner, only remaining parent and best friend to her. She celebrates the moments they shared during his time on earth and how he was dedicated to raising his kids (Wacuka and her younger brother). What breaks her is the fact that her desire to lay the remains of her dad to rest are far from a dream at the moment.
Phyllis, her late dad …

Youngest interviewee on the famous Forbes Magazine, 10 year old Zuriel Oduwole

I have been thinking to myself, why is it that there are kids as small as 5 years, who can stand before a multitude of people and deliver a speech without butting an eye? Take the case of Mutula Kilonzo's grandson during the late Senator's burial service. The small guy gave a speech in tribute to his grandfather, without fear and even cracked a joke. Why is it that may people find it hard to talk when in crowds or in the midst of people they are not used to?

I will answer my question by asking you this question - What did your parent do in your childhood to ensure that you developed confidence in yourself, at an early age?

In the same context of confidence, meet 10 year old Zuriel Oduwole, the youngest interviewee on the famous Forbes Magazine. She is an award winning documentary film maker and writer. That's not where it stops, Zuriel has also held interviews with leading African personalities, including eight current African Presidents, Africa’s richest person, Aliko D…